On Saturday, April 30 Mesquite had some special talent in town for a double performance at the Mesquite Community Theatre.

The Edwards Twins were an especially enjoyable pair of twins who become over 100 different stars of the stage; both men and women. It’s a variety show all on its own.

Mesquite Today would like to thank the Edwards Twins for advertising with the local papers; including us. It was so wonderful to hear that the twins love to support the local small-town businesses when they travel. My conversations with Anthony were always so full of energy and after seeing the show, I can tell you the energy is necessary.

Both Anthony and Eddie Edwards have mastered illusionary makeup, the quick change, and trained their voices to sound just like the stars they impersonate. Did I mention there were over 100? They don’t lip-sync to the songs, they SING the songs and their voices are spot on.

There were times I wasn’t sure what I was enjoying more the show or the two couples sitting behind me. I know I’ve made some new friends and I won’t be able to stop smiling as I think of Rose and Dave Irwin & Sandy and Enzo Sinopoli. These two couples thoroughly enjoyed the show and anybody in close proximity would have no doubt.

These are the people any performer would be thrilled to have in their audience; they add so much energy to the experience. I want these two couples in the audience when I take the stage next time and the next time after that. They were so much fun.

If you missed this show, make sure you’re in town during the new year. The Edwards Twins have already booked their next performance for Jan. 4, 2023. You won’t want to miss it twice. I’m sure the Irwins and the Sinopolis will be there.

Click on the videos below to experience just a sample of what these two showmen are capable of; they are amazing!

But first, meet the best audience members ever, the Irwins and the Sinopolis. When these two fun and humorous couples are in the house, those around them can’t help but feel and join in on their energy.










Dr. Joyce Brown and her little service dog, Kitty Angel, enjoyed the show immensely. It was only Dr. Joyce’s second time attending a show at the Mesquite Community Theatre and she said, “It was the best time I’ve had in I don’t know how long. It was amazing and I’m so grateful I got to come.”

Dr. Joyce Brown and her service dog Kitty Angel. Kitty couldn’t keep her eyes off the stage, during the intermission she kept looking for more.


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