There’s a new auto parts, and a whole lot more, store at 4370 E. Farm Rd in Desert Springs. They also run Western-TriState Equipment which serves Nevada, Utah and Arizona out of the same facility.

The new CarQuest in Desert Springs is loaded with Auto Parts that you may not find elsewhere. Manager Brent Leavitt says, “We’re stocked with some hard-to-find items other stores don’t have because we’re new.” He explained that before the store opened, they were contracted to purchase a required amount of stock from the CarQuest Corporation and they still have some.

Items such as diesel oil are hard to find elsewhere but CarQuest in Desert Springs has quite a bit in stock of both the Rotella and Delo brands.




CarQuest offers much more than just car parts, tools and accessories. If you are in need of heavy equipment or outside storage, you can get that there too. They have a pretty good inventory of lifts, tractors and bobcats. They also have a variety of completely cusomizable Cumberland sheds, barns and other outdoor storage available to order. They all come with free shipping and set up. You can either purchase or rent to own at a reasonable monthly cost. Cumberland Buildings are proudly “Made in the USA.”





If all that isn’t enough to get you out there, how about coffee, cars and donuts? The Over the Hill Gang Car Club from Mesquite is always happy to help promote events that have anything to do with cars and show off the ones they’ve invested a great deal of blood, sweat, and probably a few tears over the dollars spent either restoring or maintaining them. You’ve probably seen a few in some of the Mesquite parades, they’re always willing to go all out so the community can enjoy them too.





The fourth Saturday of every month CarQuest hosts either the Over the Hill Car Club from Mesquite as they did on Saturday, May 28 or a club from St. George or Las Vegas.

The first Cars and Coffee event the Over the Hill Car Club attended had over 25 cars/participants, this time it was a little less. The competition included a huge car show that was being held in Boulder City and a smaller one just miles away in St. George. The competition didn’t bother the Over the Hill Gang’s fearless leader Steve Underdahl or his pack one bit. They still had an impressive array of vehicles for anyone to ooh and ahh over. One of them even had a “FOR SALE” sign on it. Mesquite Today got the details for you.

Jeanne Keeler is selling her 2017 Corvette Stingray 2LT with a 7 speed manual transmission. Jeanne says she just doesn’t drive it enough. The proof is in the odometer which reads only 34,000 miles and says, “She’s right.” She just doesn’t drive it much. Any corvette enthusiast is lucky she doesn’t. The car is painted a premium, rare color called Black Rose. It is listed for only $55, 000 and it is beautiful.

If interested in the automobile, please email for her contact information or visit the group at one of their next activities.

Here are some pictures of the corvette:











Saturday, June 4, is the Cars , Coffee and Donuts at the Mesquite Elks starting at 8 am PDT, Jeanne just may be there and she might bring the Vette. Even if she doesn’t, there are plenty of people there to tell you how to get a hold of Jeanne directly and plenty of other great cars along with their “Over the Hill owners.” The ladies got to chatting and Mesquite Today completely forgot to get her contact information. Sorry folks but if she contacts me, I’ll add it.

For more information on CarQuest, Western TriState Equipment or Cumberland Buildings contact Brent Leavitt at 702-346-4276 or 928-716-3593.

For more information on the Over the Hill Gang Car Club, contact their fearless leader, Steve at 702-249-2264 .

Desert Springs Auto and Truck Parts employees (L-R) Jaeger Lee and Chris Leavitt are happy to hook you up with car parts, tools, heavy equipment or outdoor storage.
Some of the Over the Hill Car Club Gang members enjoy the coffee, donuts, and conversation.
Car Guys with their fearless leader Steve Underhahl.

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