Whether you were coming for resource information, a covid test or vaccine, the 50+ Festival held at the Virgin River Event Tent, sponsored by Mesquite Gaming and Aetna Medicare Solutions, had exactly what you needed.

The tent was filled with vendors offering information on Health services of all kinds from insurance to providers. Everybody had swag of some sort but no booth smelled better than the one baking the cookies. Guests walked into the tent and were immediately hit with the smell of fresh-baked goodies. It was smart to put that booth close to the front, after smelling the yummy treats, nobody was leaving, at least not until they found the source and had the chance to sample the goodness. While munching on the tasty treat, they browsed the many vendors.






Some vendors, such as the Mesquite Police Volunteer Unit, weren’t exactly offering health care information but rather community resource information.

The event was great for seniors just coming to the area and looking for good health care options and for those who haven’t been happy with the past providers. The event showcased many new options for home healthcare, primary care and insurance for anybody looking.

They even offered covid testing and vaccines for those wanting them.

When guests needed a little break from the tables, they were able to enjoy the great sounds of the Mesquite Cafe Blues Band. Paul, Linda and John entertained the crowds all day. The acoustics in a big tent with a large crowd isn’t the best but the band was awesome!

Don’t worry if you missed them there, you can still see them on Saturday afternoon, June 4 from 1-3 p.m. at the Mesquite Community Theatre. They, along with others are holding a fundraising concert for the Mesquite Toes.

The concert is scheduled to last 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The Mesquite Cafe Blues Band will be the show’s headliner with Mike Ryes opening up for the MCBB. Pericles Rellas will be the MC and of course, Christopher Kelly Finnigan is running the tech stuff.

Get ready for lots of pictures before the show and during the intermission, the 50/50 raffle and giveaways. There will be a food truck in the parking lot as well.

Everybody is trying to catch up on the fundraising they missed in 2020. The Mesquite Toes have been entertaining the masses at home and at sea for years, please help them continue to be the best Ambassadors for Mesquite they can be. Your support helps greatly and you get to listen to some great entertainment.

A little about the performers by Paul Villaneuva

Mike Rye BIO

Mike started his musical endeavors as a lead singer in his high school garage band performing at the sock hops on Fridays after the basketball games.  In his college years he was involved singing lead in a Hard Rock band dressed in lots of fringe with long hair and twirling the microphone Roger Daltrey style.

For his 21st birthday he bought his first guitar, and a good friend showed him a few chords.  Within 24 hours he was playing and singing his first song “Nights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues.  It was at that moment he knew this was his destiny.

He formed a duet called “Rock and Rye,” and for many years performed as an Irish folk duet in Chicago.  During his 27 years in Chicago, he also played bass in a Chicago blues band.

Mike moved to Colorado and lived there 34 years, and was always involved with a variety of bands. One band was called the “Goose Brothers,” hence he always performs with “Gladys the Goose” at his side.  He also started another duet that played all over Colorado as “Rock and Rye West.”

His move to Mesquite in 2013 did not affect his desires to play music.  You can usually find him performing around town either at a benefit, or a restaurant with his pal Roger Bird.


Mesquite Café Blues Band BIO

In May 2021, about a year ago, the Mesquite Café Blues Band began performing for public audiences.  Their brand of electric blues music coupled with their infectious energy quickly made them one of Mesquite’s favorite performing artists.

Eight short months later, the band ended 2021 with 12 public performances.  So far this year 2022, the Mesquite Café Blues Band has entertained at ten public events with five more future shows still ahead.

They recently entertained audiences at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo, Hurricane, Utah “Peach Days Festival,” “Mesquite Days” Carnival, and the Senior EXPO held at the Virgin River Casino.  However, they also love doing shows for Mesquite’s Non-Profit Charitable Organizations, such as, the Virgin Valley Artists Association, the Rotary Clubs of Mesquite, the Mesquite Women’s History and Culture Center, the Mesquite Library, and tonight, the Mesquite Toes Dance Troupe.

They have recorded and produced four music CDs available on all digital streaming and retail sites.  Their music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Pandora, YouTube, and many more online music sites under the name “Mesquite Cafe.”  Please visit their website, MesquiteCafeBluesBand.com to get on their mailing list, view upcoming events, see performance videos, and purchase music.  Also, you can find them on Facebook under “Mesquite Café.”

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