Hole Foods Bakery hosted Coffee with a Cop on Tuesday morning, July 12. The turnout for the best turnovers was great, and meeting the Mesquite Police Officers was good too. In keeping up with cliches and humor, a donut shop was the perfect place for a community gathering with the police.

It’s always a great experience when the residents and police can meet in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know each other. Getting to know your community and being involved are MPDs finest traits. When you know your community, it’s easier to know their needs and respond professionally and efficiently. There isn’t much the MPD doesn’t get involved with if it means spending time with the folks they protect and serve.

From Shop with a Cop to cooling the kiddos off with water balloon games, MPD doesn’t hesitate to help make their community a better place and they love doing it.

They posted pictures of the event on their Facebook page you can see them at: https://www.facebook.com/MesquiteNVPolice

Chief Chesley and the rest of the team posted, “Thanks for the great turnout this morning at Coffee with a Cop! It was wonderful getting to meet so many new people, have some great conversations, and we even received an incredible donation for our Shop With a Cop program!!”

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