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We’ve got a first for June’s Best of the Badge award. This will be the first time it has been awarded to someone who isn’t a full-time employee of the police department. This month’s winner is our Volunteer Coordinator Jean Battaglia.
Make no mistake about it, Jean definitely puts in full-time hours (and then some) but she does it all for free out of her love for the community and the MPD volunteer program! Day after day, month after month Jean dedicates so much of her time to making sure the volunteer program runs smoothly. She works with the police department to set up traffic control for major events and parades and is instrumental in making sure those events are safe for everyone that attends. She also ensures all the vacation home checks are done, ensures all the volunteers are properly trained, and she recruits heavily to find other people willing to donate their time to make Mesquite such a wonderful place. In addition, she keeps track of all the hours the volunteers work every month and compiles them for her quarterly report to city council. She recently was instrumental in getting the new volunteer bike patrol program up and running by working with MPD administration to get the policies, procedures, and training completed.
Jean truly makes all of our jobs at the police department easier and we are very thankful for all she does. Congrats, Jean!!!

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