Keeping Puppies Safe From Injury- from trupanion

Puppies aren’t so different from kids in their exuberance. The world is new to them and they are growing fast. It’s no surprise then that they often get into mischief or make clumsy falls. Taking reasonable preventative measures with your pup will make life much easier – and help keep your puppy out of harm’s way.

Put a gate before any set of stairs. Puppy tumbles are dangerous and likely to occur without some boundary in between the pet and the staircase. A simple plastic, wood or metal gate that you can pass through easily and lock behind you is ideal. Whether the gate blocks the bottom or the top of the stairs, you just need something to stop the pup from scurrying up and down, up and down.

Teach the pet a basic set of commands. Although training a puppy definitely takes some patience and due diligence, it pays off immensely over the remainder of their life. Sit, stay and come are three key commands that will help teach your pup some control and will establish yourself as the authority in the house. Doing so will make them much more likely to stay out of trouble when you react to a situation and they obey your commands.

Get the dog used to being in a crate. Separation anxiety can develop in puppies if left totally to their own devices. If you can ease them into their crate early and often, they will be a lot more comfortable in it when you leave home for work, errands or fun. Choosing to let them wander your home freely may give them the opportunity to chew up carpet, couch cushions or other objects due to nervousness and pent-up energy.

Always have the puppy leashed when going outside. Following simple commands is one matter, but being well-behaved while off leash and outside is a very different ballgame. It is recommended that you establish the leash as an everyday thing whenever you take the pup away from home. If you have a yard with a secure fence, you might be able to make an exception – but otherwise, keep the dog leashed when you take them out.

Make sure to spay and neuter your pooch- IT IS THE LAW IN NEVADA. It is best to do so when the dog is still a puppy to minimize health complications. Equally important is the procedure’s effect of lessening a dog’s aggression. Canines that have not been spayed or neutered tend to get in more scuffles with other dogs. For the sake of your dog’s safety as well as other pet owners, go to the vet to spay/neuter.

Featured Dog- Fran

 Fran enjoys spending time with people. She Love to cuddle with you and is very affectionate. Would love to be part of your family if you would give her a chance to win your love. She would appreciate it!! She was found abandoned with 2 other dogs. She loves being with people and will try to sit on your lap to cuddle. She knows sit and wait. Fran is one gentle lady.

Other available dogs

 Stacks –  Small pit bull. Loves people Has lived in a home

Lily- Super friendly. Has lived in a home. Loves people 

Angelica- Super friendly. Has lived in a home. Loves people 

Star- Was a stray. High energy

Spike/ Tanka- Owner passed Small pit bull. Loves people Has lived in a home

 Featured cat -Midnight

 Midnight loves to be petted and purrs very loudly. She has fine motor tremors of the head/body. She has seen a veterinarian and seems to occur when she is faces with new stressful situations. She came with her 5 year old sister Princess but can be adopted separately. She loves watching out the windows.

 Other adoptable cats

 Princess- Beautiful colors. Quiet and self sufficient

Lacey- Came with sister Dot. Playful Loves attention. Talkative

Dot- Came with sister Lacy. Likes attention Quiet.

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