Courtesy of Mesquite Police Social Media Pages:
People out in Kansas must not have heard about our reputation yet, but we’re pretty sure they will soon. ­čśë Yesterday our officers responded to a theft in progress, and the suspects (who are from Kansas) were attempting to leave the parking lot with their pilfered prizes. The large TV strapped to the roof of a small car with a single flimsy cord was a pretty good clue that was the vehicle they were looking for. Officers found more stolen items inside the car along with dangerous drugs, paraphernalia, and determined they are responsible for other recent thefts from this store totaling about $4,000.
Great work officers! More drugs off the street, stolen property recovered, and a couple felons on their way out of Mesquite.

2 thoughts on “Mesquite Police moved them out”
  1. Wow! Our highest paid police department actually did the job we pay them for. Thankfully they did not have to shoot anyone in apprehending these bungling shop lifters. I always get a kick out of the press releases that come out soon after these dangerous arrests. Anyone who works for Metro in Las Vegas must laugh their butt off at the types of crimes we have out in Mesquite. By the way, the person who writes these press releases, Captain Averett, made $163,000 in pay and benefits in 2019. If teachers had press releases like our police department, they might actually make half of what we pay our police officers. So much for what is important. Mesquite, mainly because we are a very rural community, has a very low crime rate. However, if you only read the Mesquite Police press releases, you would think we live in Detroit west. Stay tuned. It is almost time for a new contract with the city. Please keep your wallet in your front pocket.

  2. I forgot to add that our Police Chief Chesley laughs on his way to the bank. Of course the bank is in St George. Chief Chesley runs back to his home in St George every night. God forbid he would risk his family living in a shithole like Mesquite.

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