Petfinder’s Top Ten Tips for a Contented Cat

  1. Play with Your Cat

Playtime is essential for your cat, so make time to play with her every day. Since cats love to hunt, look for interactive toys that mimic prey. During play, move the toy to mimic the type of prey your cat is hunting and be sure to end each play session by allowing your cat to capture the toy.

  1. The Scoop

Scooping your cat’s litter box at least once a day will help make you aware of any potential medical problems he may be having, such as a life-threatening urinary tract condition. If you notice a change in your cat’s litter box habits, contact your veterinarian immediately.

  1. Odor Control

Cats are often put off by the odor of scented litters. They also don’t like air fresheners or room deodorizers near their litter boxes, especially citrus fragrances. To reduce odors scoop twice daily and put a small layer of baking soda in the bottom of your cat’s litter box.

  1. Multiple Cat Homes

If you have more than one cat, it’s important that you have more than one litter box. The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one extra.

  1. Room with a View

Watching birds and squirrels can provide hours of entertainment for your cat. So make a window ledge available for your cat and hang a feeder out in the yard for some bird-watching fun.

  1. All Cats Need to Scratch

It’s important to provide different types of scratching stations for your cat, including horizontal and vertical posts and scratching pads. Vertical scratching posts should be at least three feet tall and extremely sturdy. Look for posts made with natural fibers, like sisal and burlap. Also, place them near your cat’s favorite place to nap, where your family spends lots of time together and near objects you don’t want your cat to scratch.

  1. Timid Kitty

Many cats will initially hide when brought into a new environment. You can help your cat during this adjustment period by giving him a safe, quiet room of his own. Once he’s comfortable, you can gradually introduce him to other areas of your home.

  1. Night Owl

Nighttime activity for cats is common. To help your cat adjust to your schedule, provide him with interactive toys and multiple play sessions during the day, including one just before bedtime. This should help tire him out and get him used to your routine.

  1. Keeping Kitty Safe

The estimated average life span of a free-roaming cat is less than three years compared to 1518 years for the average indoor-only cat. So keeping your kitty inside with your family is the best way to ensure he’ll be a safe and healthy cat.

  1. Fun with Household Items

Cats love cardboard! So give your cat a few empty cardboard boxes in all different sizes. You can also give your cat some empty paper-towel rolls. They’re great for batting around and discovering the yummy treats you’ve stuffed inside.

Featured dog- Haze

Who can resist that precious face??  She has a big smile for you. This pretty girl is friendly and playful, and she can’t wait to find her forever home! Her owner moved and could not have her in their new home. We were told she is housetrained and knows how to use a doggie door. She would do best with older children and a family that has time to take her jogging or play a long game of fetch with her every day.  She will need some help with her leash training. With the right family, she is going to be a ton of fun to have around. Always a happy girl, with a smile that is sure to win you over. She has a solid build but small in stature with beautiful markings. Come and meet her today Pit/beagle mix.



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Lilly- One wonderful dog. Calm, gentle, quiet and loves everyone. We can’t believe she is still here

Stacks –  Small pit bull. Loves people Has lived in a home

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Featured cat- Tigger

6 years old Owner could no longer care for her. She is a independent cat low maintenance, low fuss, and the perfect housemate. She will say hello in the morning, and go about her business , If you’re after some company without the ‘neediness’ she likes to take things pretty slow – Tigger in no great hurry to get anywhere – except perhaps your lap for some love and affection. If you want a relaxed companion; someone to kick back and cuddle with after a hard day’s work, she the cat for you. A quiet home is a must for Tigger she is shy


Other available cats

We will have some new cats available soon Check our Petfinder site for some great additions to your family


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