My name is Rico and I want to thank the Mesquite Police Department and the Officers and Detectives involved in the Kidnapping and Robbery investigation for a job very well done. These men and women do a terrific job here for all of us and they need to hear it loud and proud. They don’t rest until the case is solved and I for one feel proud of them all. We have criminals coming through here from all other Nevada cities and even other states. The Mesquite Police Department and other agencies work together seamlessly from the first call to the last arrest in the case. I called the police to report that my wife’s truck was broken into and luggage stolen. The officer came to our home took the report asked questions and said he would keep in touch and left. That one suitcase contained very nice clothes, new shoes, and jewelry. Within 5 days Mesquite Detectives we’re calling me and invited me to Police Headquarters to identify items confiscated from a bust in St. George Utah of multiple items stolen from Mesquite Citizens over time. Detectives lead me to a room of tables filled with all types of goods found at the scene. With the many things that these officers have going through their minds and the responsibility that they have for the job they never forgot about me!!! 99% of my belongings were on those tables in the same area because of my list and their good work. I felt so good standing there looking at my stuff returned to me by officers who really cared not only for me but for all the victims like me. Don’t ever think that they don’t care about you, because if you do you’re going to be set up for a big surprise. They have our backs and I’ve got theirs too. The Chief along with his Officers, Detectives, Dispatchers, and Clerks under his command are doing a great job here for us in Mesquite Nevada. Thank You Very Much for all your good work.
Thomas EL Rico Jackson

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