While the entire world is in awe of the recent FBI’s execution of the search warrant on Trump’s home, my questions are slightly different than the rest.

  1. Who was in charge of keeping those ultra top secret government documents secure? It wasn’t Trump. Whoever it was should most certainly be fired.
  2. What other matters of “National Security” have been allowed to walk out the door and stay in hiding for 18 months?
  3. Why is everyone so concerned about Trump removing top secret documents but NOT concerned about our former Secretary of State smashing multiple blackberries and wiping computers clean of information; both are equally important issues.
  4. Why didn’t the FBI remove those same files in Feb?
  5. Since government documents are also kept on a secure server and that server has been hacked many times, what makes anyone think that paper documents would be “sold” to an enemy. Wouldn’t the enemy have already hacked what they wanted?
  6. If Trump was going to sell those top secret documents to the enemy, wouldn’t he have done so before 18 months?
  7. If the FBI put forth the paperwork for the warrant in Feb. and this was a matter of important national security, why did it take so long to execute it?
  8. If they were afraid Trump would destroy the documents/evidence, why did it take so long to execute the warrant?
  9. If these documents were for a few eyes only, how did they get into boxes or bins full of information that wasn’t for a few eyes only?
  10. If you stole top secret government information, would you keep it in your home knowing that they could and would get a warrant to search your property?
  11. Who was in charge of keeping those ultra top secret government documents secure? They need to be held accountable too. Why isn’t anyone else asking this question?


5 thoughts on “Is it really a matter of national security?”
  1. Teri, nice to have an opinion piece to read. Your old employer is now out of business so no more Mike Young columns to laugh at.

    Question. Why are you still supporting a fascist? Someone who is the biggest grifter in history. He claims to be a billionaire but does not have any money to pay his bills. Poor people actually send him money. The only thing he is good at is lying and getting people killed. Some poor guy in Ohio died because he believed those lies.

    Obviously the DOJ believed that the top secret files were in grave danger of ending up in the wrong hands. Trump’s lawyer said all the files were returned earlier in the year. That was a lie. Were these files part of the quid pro quo for the $2 billion going to Trump’s son in law to “manage”? Trump was also paid off by the Saudi’s for their new golf tour. Related? We will surely hear more in the future.

    Trump is not worth your time. Find a real hero to worship.

    1. I’m sure we’ll hear more later too. We’ll hear more about who those files implicate in criminal activity. There are so many options…Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Fauci, Bill Clinton, Obama…and the list goes on.
      I still question whose responsibility it is to secure those TOP SECRET files and why aren’t they looking at this person? If I were the FBI, I’d be worried about who let those walk out too. What other National Security issues have escaped the watchful eyes of the DOJ?

  2. On the other side of the coin, if trump can get away with this then Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsey Manning are innocent too. The law is the law.

    P.S. if you want this blog to work, don’t be so one sided. It turns people off

    1. As far as news goes, the website is not one-sided, I post everything. I also give the other opinions a chance…letters to the editor. MY OPINION is one-sided because it’s my opinion. You’re free to share yours as well.

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