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David and Shannon will be joining us. We will be discussing the FBI raid, armed IRS agents, and some Alaskan fishing adventures.

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  1. Teri, from what I gather, you believe the lies about the IRS budget, the armed agents, and the 87,000 new agents. The additional funds for the IRS are needed to modernize the computer systems. It is also needed to backfill the tens of thousands positions lost due to retirements. The most important point is that these new funds are over a ten year period. That is lie number one.

    Lie number 2 involves the ridiculous misinformation about IRS Special Agents. They are law enforcement personnel that are armed since they can arrest tax criminals. They assist non armed employees executing search warrants like the one at Mara Lago. Their mission is going after tax fraud by individuals, organized crime, drug cartels, and international tax fraud. I can assure you that they are not using their weapons on going after ordinary citizens. They go through the same law enforcement training in Georgia that other federal law enforcement agencies go to including the border patrol and ATF. Stop lying.

    Lastly, they are not hiring 87,000 IRS Agents. Most of the new hires will be IT and support positions. Again, these hires are over the same ten year period. No one who makes under $400,000 will have to worry about an audit. If anything, the computer would catch any mistakes and send you a notice. It is the closely held corporations like Trump where the audits will concentrate. That is where the tax fraud is at. The Trump Corporation got caught and their CFO pleaded guilty to 15 counts of felony fraud. Donald is next.

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