Washington County News September 3, 1908

Bunkerville, September 3 – On the morning of the first a flood, larger than has been known for years, came down the Virgin River carrying with it a timber of all sizes, gates and lots of debris, in consequence we will be without water for at least a month. Our dam and the whole head of our ditch is gone. The day before the flood it rained steadily all day. The raisin farm will lose at least a thousand trays. Lots of other trays were out but were not so badly damaged.

Bishop Earl has returned from his tour of the northern settlements and has brought with him Mrs. Emily Bunker from Panguitch. She has been visiting her daughters there for the last year and is now on her way back to Mexico where she intends to make her home. During her visit north she has made two trips to Salt Lake, the latter being to the G. A. R. encampment. Grandma is 82 years old and as lively as a cricket.


Washington County News August 29, 1910

Bunkerville, Aug. 29 – Manager J. I . Earl of the raisin farm reports that their machinery is running fine this year and up to date they have run out seven tons ready for shipment. The crop will be light this year but they are first-class raisins.

On the 22, a nine-and-a-half-pound baby boy came to the home of George and Christina Hunt. The baby seemed well and healthy but on the night of the 23, it took with convulsions and died the next morning.

Attorney W. R. Thomas of Las Vegas who is running for judge of the 11th Judicial District and E. W. Griffith of Las Vegas who is running for State Senator were here last week canvassing.

S.W. Darling, A. M. Thomson, and Thomas Leavitt have just returned from a trip up the narrows where they have been doing some surveying preparatory to putting in a dam.

The 8th grade of 1910, thirteen in number, all received their certificates tonight from the State Board of Education.

Frank Cox and Orange Earl have gone to the Washington Roller Mill, Utah, with grist.

Warren Cox and daughter Elida are down from St. George.

Lemuel Leavitt of Gunlock was seen in town tonight.

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