12 thoughts on “Two chances to meet your current Candidates”
  1. Just a reminder. The Mesquite City Council seats are non-partisan. Therefore, the Mesquite Republican Womens group must invite all candidates for the council. From their prior history, I doubt that they will do that. So much for fairness.

    1. Nice try, David. The Mesquite Republican Women’s group isn’t hosting the “Meet the City Council Candidates” forum; the Chamber of Commerce is hosting that. The women’s group is hosting only Republican Party candidates for partisan offices that impact Mesquite.

      There is nothing quite so satisfying as distorting the facts, I guess.

  2. The headline says you have two chances to meet your city council candidates. One of those chances is at the Women’s meeting. If the Women really wanted to do a service for the community, they would host a debate. Of course, that would require fairness. Not an attribute of the current MAGAt crowd.

    1. The headline to which you refer doesn’t say anything about City Council candidates; it says, “Two Chances to Meet Your Current Candidates.” The headline is entirely correct. The Republican Women’s Group is hosting a function for local voters to meet the Republican Party candidates for partisan office, and the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a function so that voters can meet the candidates for the non-partisan City Council offices.

      Since you seem to be MAGA obsessed, let me inform you that I am an independent voter, and all I care about is the truth, and what the various candidates have to say for themselves. You needn’t throw me into your pre-conceived notions about who believes what and what they will do about it.

      One other minor point: neither the Chamber of Commerce nor the Republican Women’s group is under any obligation to invite any particular candidate to appear at their functions. Neither group is a branch of any government, as far as I know, and are not bound by your notion of fairness. While it would seem fair to invite any recognized candidate for the appropriate offices, they are not obliged to do so.

      1. I have had my fill of the MAGAts. Fortunately, we got rid of Annie Black. A million people died from Covid, and Annie continued to hold her ridiculous rallies. She even took part in the 1/6 insurrection. I will never vote for anyone who claims Biden is not our President. I am an independent but changed to Democrat in order to support Hillary in 2016. I have voted for Republicans many times. However, I will never vote for a MAGAt. Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave seeing how his party has been destroyed by a fascist. It is unbelievable that people actually send him money. I have never seen such crazy behavior in my 77 years. So yes, I hate people who would tear our country apart worshipping a conman. If that includes you or the Republican women, so be it.

      2. A million people did NOT die of Covid under Trump. Three times more people have died of covid under Biden…look it up. NOW they’re dying from the vaccines Biden mandated. Children are far behind and still suffering under the mask mandates Biden pushed, the school closures the teacher’s unions pressured the Dems to impose. Annie and her rallies never resulted in a single outbreak of covid…
        STOP blaming her for nature…she’s a great person but she’s just not that powerful. She should have won the primaries.

        Annie did NOT take part in the insurrection and was never arrested for breaching the capitol. She, like thousands of other supporters, took part in the peaceful protest part of Jan. 6. There is a difference. Challenging the 2016 election was all the rage in 2017-18 and 19 but in 2020 it’s suddenly “The biggest threat to democracy.” Please…..

      3. In all fairness to David, the headline did say, “Two chances to meet your City Council Candidates” I corrected it when David pointed that out. It was my mistake, not David’s; he’s not an illiterate idiot.

        I do not, however, agree with David’s view of Politics and probably never will. That has certainly not been kept a secret. How anyone can be against Making America Great Again (MAGA) is beyond me because America has certainly gone to shit since Trump left office. I am also a registered INDEPENDENT and certainly don’t worship Trump but I recognize the fact that he did what he said he was going to do…He’s still doing it as President or not…he’s still in Everyone’s heads whether they like him or hate him. He’s draining the swamp outside of the presidential office where he hasn’t got as many restrictions. Trump should have run as an Independent but I don’t think he’d have had as much support in that endeavor in 2016…he may in 2024…who knows. It isn’t a party line thing…both Dem and Republican career politicians and several new Dem politicians suck. Trump has his backers, I just wonder if the Republicans would vote “INDEPENDENT” if he ran on that in 24.

    1. I’m sorry, but I can’t be that easily classified. I never voted for Donald Trump, if that helps you, as well as never having voted for any of Leftist Totalitarian Fascists who are running around these days.

      What is a MAGAt? Is it anyone who disagrees with you, or do you have specific definitions for such people?

  3. Anyone who still believes the Big Lie. Locally, Annie Black is a great example. She blindly followed Trump, she repeated his many lies, especially about Covid. She, along with Trump, politicized Covid from day one. People died as a result. MAGAts are in a cult. While you and I are on different sides, it appears you are not a MAGAt.

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