What: Open-Air Forum

When: Friday, September 24, 2022

The Mesquite Republican Women are sponsoring an Open-Air Forum that will be held this Saturday, September 24th from 10 am to 2pm. The event will be held at the Riverside Commercial Center parking lot, 460 Riverside Road. Admission is free.

Do you know who is running for all the offices on the ballot in the November 8 General Election? Do you know the political party with which each candidate is affiliated and what they stand for? Do you know when and where you can vote? Information will be available on all of these topics. Do you need to register to vote or change your voter registration? You can do it then.

There will be music and snacks and Spanish speakers. Come on by! Hope to see you there!

For further information, please contact Sherrie at sherriejh@gmail.com or 702-630-4106.


3 thoughts on “Mesquite Republican Women’s Open Forum English/Spanish”
  1. Advice for our local Hispanic community. First of all, the Mesquite City Council race is non-partisan, so it does not matter what party you are. Second, unless you want to end up in Massachusetts, vote for a Democrat.

    1. LOL David,
      What’s wrong with Massachusetts? My daughter was born there, it’s a lovely state; with lots of great history. Martha’s Vinyard is particularly lovely albeit a bit too cold in the winter for most…that’s why there’s a ton of empty houses right now.
      I can’t believe a sanctuary city would be so ill-prepared to accept just 50 people. You would think that someone who claims to welcome immigrants would have been more prepared with basic necessities. You never know when someone is coming to seek sanctuary, especially with the influx at our southern border. They sure did ship them out quick enough though…to a military base? HMMMM! I’m just wondering what part of that isn’t reeking of hypocrisy to you. They tell immigrants, “You’re welcome to come and stay and we will protect you.” Then they get rid of them as fast as they can and ship them off into the arms of the very people who they are seeking sancuary (because they’re illegal) from….the government.

      1. Teri, they are not illegal. They applied for asylum and are waiting for their hearings. They were lied to and taken to a place where they had no relatives or friends to take them in. The people of Mathas’s Vineyard showed the rest of the country how to help people and treat them with respect. Liberals, who act like Christ, actually believe in compassion and charity.

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