October is National Pet Wellness Month.

Sponsored in part by the American Veterinary Medical Association


Make sure your home is safe for your pet. Pet-proofing your home is important whether you have a new pet or have had pets for years. There are many everyday objects (medicines, pesticides and some household plants) that can prove poisonous to our pets. Go through your home to be sure that all potentially harmful objects are out of your pet’s reach.


Annual Exams: Pets should visit the veterinarian at least once a year. Annual exams are a great opportunity to check on the overall health and well-being of your pet and allow you to make any necessary changes in your pet’s daily routine and care. A review of the vaccination status and program most appropriate for your pet should also be completed at this time.


Spay/Neuter: It is incredibly important to have your pet spayed or neutered. Not only do the procedures prevent individual medical problems such as mammary and testicular tumors and uterine infections, spaying or neutering also helps curb pet overpopulation and reduces the number of unwanted pets who are euthanized every day. Spay and neuter surgeries can be safely performed as early as 8-12 weeks of age.


Weight Management: Obesity is a real and newly recognized problem for pets. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53 percent of adult dogs and 55 percent of cats were classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarians. Prevention is much easier to accomplish than treatment, so consult your veterinarian about the right diet and exercise regimen for your pet


A Balanced Diet: Commercial dog and cat foods make it easy to provide a nutritionally balanced and complete diet. Dog and cat foods contain all of the different nutrients your animal needs in the appropriate quantities. Remember it can be very difficult to create a balanced and complete diet from “people” foods.


Dental Care: Teeth and oral health are extremely important when caring for your pet and should be evaluated annually. If you are fortunate to have an animal who will tolerate frequent brushing, you are already one step ahead. Unchecked, dental disease can lead to kidney problems or nutritional issues if your pet cannot adequately chew and digest their food


Senior Pets: As animal’s age, their dietary requirements and their ability to digest certain foods changes. When pets grow older, they lose some ability to concentrate urine so they need to produce more, and therefore need more water intake. You can help by feeding your pets better quality proteins and avoiding red meats like beef and beef by-products. Doing this will decrease the work load on the kidneys and help prevent diseases and health issues from developing.


Featured Dog Toby


Toby is an adult German shepherd full of love and energy. Approx 4 years old  He has been at the shelter over one month.  He will play fetch for hours on end. He isn’t that great at bringing the ball back to you but if you have a handful of balls he will run after them, one at a time. He is high energy and will need plenty of exercise. He loves people and will settle in beside you for pets and attention. He will need an experienced owner. Will do best in home with no small children as he doesn’t realize his size. NO OTHER Pets in the home PLEASE.


Other available dogs

Tillie- 3 yr old German shepherd Very shy but loves people. Learning to play with toys and walk on a leash

Millie- 6 month old German shepherd Loves people. Learning to play with toys and walk on leash. May be best as only dog in the home


Featured cat(s) Naveah & Nitelite


Mother and daughter  Naveah (6 years old) and Nitelite (4 ½ years old)  are looking for a home together if possible but they can go to separate homes. They have been at the shelter for over one month.  These beautiful ladies were surrendered by their owner due to a change in life circumstances, and they’re anxious to get back to a home environment. Naveah will follow you around looking for the pets and an occasional treat. Nitelite is shier but loves pets and  sitting beside you. They are beautiful calm quiet ladies.


Other available cats


Blizzard- Found as a stray with collar. No one came for him. He is a big boy. He is not a lap cat

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