The Exchange Club of Mesquite invites you to again be part of an awe-inspiring event as they present the 16th annual One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite Field of Honor ® in tribute to our military and our veterans.


An array of 1000 full-size American Flags will be assembled on the west field of the Mesquite Recreation Center on Sunday morning, November 6th, and will stand proudly until November 13th, 24 hours a day, rain or shine. Of course, the field is lighted at night, and volunteers from our community will maintain a watchful vigil over the Flags every minute of every day. Speaking of volunteers, if you would like to help us set up the Flags or dedicate 3 hours of your time to watch over the Flags, please call 702-610-5196 or 702-858-8350.


On Veterans Day, (Friday November 11) at 6:00 PM PST, your presence is encouraged at a stirring ceremony at the field. This year, special attention is being given to those brave heroes who fought for Freedom in the Vietnam War.


One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite will conclude with a final inspiring ceremony on Sunday, November 13 at 2:00 PM PST including a Flag Retirement ceremony by the Mesquite Fire Department. If you have a Flag that has become weathered or damaged, feel free to bring it to the field at any time during the week. We will arrange for it to be retired with dignity.


The Veterans Day and Closing ceremonies will include commentary and patriotic musical selections from Mesquite’s own USAF LtCol (Ret.) Janet McDonald, USN Cmdr (Ret.) Bill Ennis, Dennis Hangey and his famous bagpipes, and Bugler USMC Veteran Ron Bird, among others.


Visit the field – once or often. The sense of patriotism you will feel cannot be described; you simply have to experience it for yourself. Be sure to bring your camera, as the precision and grandeur of the display is truly memorable, day or night.


The Exchange Club of Mesquite is a major supporter of local veterans’ programs and services right here in our Valleys, and One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite is a primary fundraiser. Every penny donated stays right here in our communities and is distributed by the Exchange Club of Mesquite Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.


We invite you to purchase a dedication ribbon of remembrance for $35 to attach to the Flag of your choice in honor of or in memory of an important veteran in your life. There is room on the dedication tag to add your own words of recognition. Remember, One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite honors every veteran, living or deceased. Immediately after the closing ceremony, you are welcome to either take the flag you sponsored home to display proudly, or donate it back to the project, to be included in next year’s One Thousand Flags Over Mesquite. In either case, keep your dedication ribbon as a reminder of your special veteran.

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