3 thoughts on “Follow The Biden Money! (Ep. 1930) – The Dan Bongino Show”
  1. As the only person who still reads Mesquite Today, I appreciate your efforts to educate us. However, Hunter Biden is, and never was, an elected official. He also never worked in the White House. He is a private citizen who works to provide food and shelter to his family, just like the rest of us. He did not earn over $600 million while working in the White House nor did he get $2 billion to “manage”. (I bet the management fees are in the multi millions each year). Hunter took advantage of his family name which is what we all do. It is legal to use your family connections to get ahead. How do you think Annie Black became a Mesquite council person? Her family used to own a local casino. All perfectly legal.

    1. If Hunter Biden’s “taking advantage of his family’s name” like we all do weren’t illegal, there would be no reason for a federal investigation to take place, but there is a federal investigation taking place and it’s no secret. Now they have the Biden documents, which have recently been “discovered” three months ago, to lend more evidence to the investigation.

      You should begin paying attention to all of our “radical” and “out of control” conspiracy theories, most of them are proving to be absolutely true; we may have to begin making up new ones…lol.

      I don’t believe Annie Black rode on the Black name to get elected. If she did, she certainly has never been under federal investigation for doing so. It wouldn’t have done her much good anyway, her family hadn’t owned the casino for some time before the election.

      Do you really believe Annie got elected because her uncle had to file bankruptcy and sell the casino due to a recession 10 years ago….lol, that sounds a bit ridiculous to you too huh?

      With all the LDS folks in town, I think the “used to own a casino” would be a liability rather than an asset.

      In any case, that isn’t saying much for those who voted for Annie. Do you really think your neighbors, friends and other peers are shallow enough to elect someone based on the long-ago merits of what used to be? Annie’s immediate family pulled out of the Casino business over 20 years ago…I don’t think the game is quite that effective after two decades. If you truly believe that Annie was elected because of her name, then you’re saying your fellow community members are extremely shallow, uninformed or don’t care about the actual issues, and have no common sense. Why would you choose to live around such idiots?

  2. Other than her name, Annie won her council seat because she had the most signs. That is the reason my friend Ms Gallo won in November. Voters rarely do their homework. Look at George Santos. He lied about every facet of his life. Annie lied twice to the Mesquite voters about serving out her terms. The voters finally said enough.

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