Did you know that February is Responsible Pet Owner Month? This month celebrates all of us who are responsible pet owners and all who take the care of animals seriously. During the month of February we celebrate our pets with love and kindness, not just for this month but for our whole lives. They love us unconditionally. Help support a happy life for all pets by spreading the word on how to be a responsible pet owner.  

Common Responsible Pet Ownership Guidelines 

  1. Spay and neuter you pet.
  2. Provide proper identification for your pet through microchips and/or ID tags
  3. Provide your pet with proper nutrition.
  4. Train your pet well.
  5. Provide proper veterinarian care for your pet, including routine checkups and following proper vaccine protocol.
  6. Provide a safe environment for your pet to live.
  7. Provide proper exercise for your pet.
  8. Love your pet. Unconditionally all the time, just like they love you.
  9. Provide proper grooming for your pet. Brush, bathe and, brush those teeth.
  10. Clean up after your pet. Scoop the poop!

Featured Dog (s) 



Owner could not keep. I am a sweet girl that enjoys being petted. I would love to go on walks and be with people but right now I can be a little shy Once I get to know you I will be your best friend and sit with you, cuddle with you and love you. All I need is someone who will give me time with them and let me, in my own time, adjust and gain back my confidence. I am well-behaved and think you’ll enjoy being with me. Does well on a leash and kennels easily. Knows sit. Very happy dog. 




4 years Anything for Love! With her affectionate nature and wiggling hips, it’s easy to see that Oreo adores people. A big, strong girl, she’d probably do just fine with older kids. She does well on a leash, walks with a loose lead and waits for you if you stop without pulling. But she wants to please people so much that she should be a quick study.. Oreo is ready to give her heart and soul to whomever adopts her. If you’re looking for a devoted dog, please consider giving Oreo the chance to be your best friend forever. 


Other available dogs 


Nike- Happy girl. Loves being with people. and going for walks. 

Bella- Strong girl. Loves playing ball will fetch and return forever. 

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