Ugly Sophie Poopadopoulos is finally getting married!  All the relatives are feasting at the rehearsal dinner.  Unfortunately, the main course is MURDER Greek Style…when the groom is turned to STONE!  Uncle Zorba arrives from the Old Country to find the killer, and give Sophie a makeover and a new groom before the souvlaki gets cold!

In “My Big Fat Greek Murder”, everyone in the world (of importance) is GREEK!  The setting is the Poopadopoulos’ restaurant “The Bleating Goat”.  Their ugly daughter Sophie is finally getting married!  Even movie star cousin Yanni Depp and godmother Opa Winfrey show up to toast the bride at the rehearsal dinner.  But the non-Greek groom suddenly turns to stone.  The guests are in shock – the food may get cold!

Uncle Zorba, the goat-smelling detective, arrives not-so-fresh from the Old Country to help solve the crime.  Meanwhile, Aunt Moolah the family matchmaker gives Sophie a makeover and finds her a surprising new husband!

Other witnesses and suspects include Greek opera singer Tia Maria Callous, famous Greek designers Kate Spados and Christian Dioric, famous Greek actress Olympia Dukaka, and famous Greek sheeping magnate Telly Kojackie Onassis, to name a few.  Olympic-sized laughs abound in this very popular show!  Join us for “My Big Fat Greek Murder” – another rollicking killer comedy by Nita Hardy.

Copyright © 2005 Nita Hardy  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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