It seems to be a growing problem with people abandoning animals in our community. Animals have been found tied to buildings, birds have been found in trees at people’s homes and animals have been left in boxes in front of the shelter.

I Found This Dog/cat etc

I found this dog /cat is a very familiar story for animal shelters and rescue groups. Most times the animals were found wandering the street or in a backyard but many more times these animals were someone’s pet and they wanted to get rid of them so the “I found story” becomes the answer.

People don’t realize that shelters/rescues need to know as much as possible about the animals that come into their care to help in getting it evaluated and adopted. If the animal is house-trained, knows some tricks, rides in the car, and walks well on a leash this helps promote the animal and increases the chance of s quick adoption. If there are some bad habits like jumping fences, chewing, has shown aggression, doesn’t like other dogs/cats and especially children these need to be known not only to protect the people caring for the animal but to also make sure the animal goes to a home where there is no chance of anyone being injured.

Please remember when bringing an animal to the shelter or asking a rescue for help they need to know as much information as you can provide on the animal. We give the stray animal a new name. After being called Sammy or Susie by its owner and then we call it by a different name the animal does not know how to respond. It is not a dumb animal it just doesn’t realize that it is being talked to since it isn’t his/her name. You have fed your animal a special diet and a special dish. These animals may not eat for the shelter/rescue because it is confused and not sure it should be eating this new food. Animals that are familiar with eating off a plate sometimes need to learn to eat out of a bowl.

Giving up an animal is a very hard thing to do but you want what is best for this animal and to help it find another home as quickly as possible. Please tell the shelters/rescues if it is your animal and provide all the information you can to help it find another home.


Featured dog Talon

Talon is a young active dog who came to us as a stray. He loves walks and mental games but he also loves to run and play. He’s a fast learner, catching on to phrases and commands quickly, he knows sit, paw, and wait. He would be the ideal companion for an active family or someone who enjoys a daily run. With his alert, inquisitive nature, he is sure to excel at obedience training. Talon is a friendly dog who loves attention. However, he is sensitive about his head and loud voices. In return, Talon promises a long life spent in devotion to you.
Can open gates


At this time there are no other animals available. Please check out Petfinder site


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